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As an answer to a call from the Japanese rental housing company Daito for new ideas for adding
more living quality to their stock of suburban housing blocks, we propose to rearrange the basic
components of the classic block to create a new type of communal dwelling.
Moving the internal circulation ? stairs and corridors ? to the outside of the volume generates
flexibility to create a wide variety of different apartment plans. Reducing the footprint by adding
an extra storey creates openness in the suburban setting. Additional living area in the form of
‘entrance corner boxes’ connected to the stairs establishes a direct visual relation between the
apartments and the surroundings. As a result has the appearance of a miniature cityscape, defined
by the everyday activities of the residents.

Site : Japan (312m2)
Programme : A new rental house concept
Type : study 2012
The project was realised as NEZU AYMO architects